Feedback of our Participants

Christine from Heidelberg, Multiday Packrafting Training Hunsrück Compact, Fall 2018

Testimonial, ChristineTestimonial, Christine

In the early summer of 2018 at one of our day trainings on river Nahe (Link in German), Christine got into a Packraft for the first time. There she must have caught something, because shortly after she had her own Packraft with which she visited us in autumn of the same year for the Multiday Compact training in the Hunsrück area. In a positive way this demanded a lot from her and apparently made her want more. Christine has followed her announcement from the mail below and will venture with us in June for the first time in Tyrol into white water.

The e-mail below came from Christine a few days after the Hunsrück training in the Hunsrück. Many thanks for these nice words - but why save on the chocolate croissants? But read for yourself:

"I really enjoyed the weekend and paddling, and I don't regret buying a boat for a single second. And the enthusiasm that you and Moni show for it just sweeps away all doubts and worries. This is really great! Also the campfire and cheese fondue were great! Untrained as I was, I reached my physical limits during the luggage march :). All the happier and prouder I am to have managed this nevertheless - and next time I will certainly pack more "reasonably" or expedition-suited and leave chocolate croissants at home ;).

So thank you very much for your patience, peace and of course your support. Even if your photos were great, Iceland is probably one too many for me :). But I'd really like a course in Soca or Tyrol :). Let's see what the next year will bring. I will keep myself up to date in any case!"

Marie from Switzerland

Testimonial, Marie Testimonial, Marie

Marie has often been on dry paths before she decided to dive into the Packrafting adventure with us. With the aim of participating in an Iceland expedition she roamed the Hunsrück with us in spring, then rode the waves of Tyrol to finally join us on the lava rock in July. Shortly before Christmas this picture of her with ice on her helmet came from the Vorderrhein together with a nice feedback we would like to share here.

On the picture below you can see Marie at the Tyrol-Training.

"Hi Sebastian! Yesterday the great calendar and the christmas card arrived! Thank you very much for that and best regards from Switzerland. I have moved here in the meantime and was actually during the weekend at -9 degrees riding the Rhein near Versam, something that I would never have dared to do without LWA. So thank you very much for everything I could learn from you in this area this year. I have heard that the Bayern training is unfortunately already full... Too bad. But if there's something very crazy in the pipeline again, then I'd love to be there again."

Christophe from Switzerland, Whitewater Packrafting Training Soca3-2018

Testimonial, Christophe

Christophe had already tried Packrafting in calm waters in Switzerland before joining us in the whitewater waves of Soca in 2018. Shortly after he has climbed out of the waters of the cemetery run his eyes have shone so brightly that we asked how it was. The result is this short sequence. He speaks in Swiss German and what he says translates to: "Cemetry-Run: This was just awesome, just amazing, this is a dream, just do it, just come here."

He also left us this e-mail after the course:

"Many thanks again for these great, extraordinary and unforgettable 5 days I was able to experience with you, Andi and the whole LWA team. I have thought on the whole way back about the countless small and big actions in and out of the water with huge joy and look forward to the next expedition in the coming April."

Tim from Munich, Packrafting Expedition Sylan Mountains 2017

Tim came with previous outdoor, mountain and white water experience and started with us directly with the expedition training Sylan in Norway and Sweden. After this expedition he sent us following feedback via email:

"A thank you to you for this intense and perfect trip week! Everything worked out just perfectly: From the group setting, the route and stage planning to the weather. Of course you don’t have an affect on everything, but you made things right. I felt well cared and the mixture of challenge, nature feeling and the possibility to learn was just right for me."

Konrad from Kaiserslautern, part of our piloting Tyrol trip 2017

Konrad became familiar with us in the turquois waves of the Soča and was directly infected by the packrafting virus. After he then went with us for the first time to Tyrol, he sent us following feedback via email:

"For me personally, it was again a wonderful experience, which gave me a lot of strength and self-confidence and I am drawing from this for a long time. Especially your way, of bringing people together and creating a positive atmosphere, impresses me. I like being on the tour with you, and without any bad conscience, I can highly recommend your trips and trainings to everyone."

Frank from Hamburg, joining us in the Hunsrück, Norway, Tyrol and Iceland

Frank is a privat expeditioner doing autonomous tours to Russia and elsewhere. Since 2015, he has started his personal outdoor seasons with our packrafting training in the Hunsrück. He traveled with us to Norway, Tyrol and was part of the first Iceland Expedition in 2017. He wrote us a feedback about why he continuously travels with us:

"I am having fun traveling with you and being part of a few of your expeditions. Sure, the expeditions, challenges and adventures are the main reasons I do this. But, I am doing this with you, because you are the way you are. And I like this. Prior to the trips, I did not know anyone of the participants. (…) but you have a knack for finding the right participants and guiding them. Just in the perfect dimensions. This is why I will travel with you as much as it is possible. :-) "

Anika and Till from Dresden, Packrafting Training Hunsrück in Spring 2017

Anika and Till made their way from Dresden to us at the beginning of 2017, to start the season in the Hunsrück. After their first multi-day packrafting trip and maiden journey of their new boats, they both described their impressions to us in an email. Just to jump into the waves of Soca a half a year later.

"During the Hunsrück trip we had a lot of fun, learned a lot and were able to pick up so many impressions and inspiration. Looking back it really feels longer than four days. It was great to meet you. You two were very sympathetically guides with whom we felt save at any time. The course was perfectly organized and we could really see that you put great passion in details."

In the meantime, Anika and Till have hit it off with their rafts on own adventures, of which they have written in our Blog:

Berit from Geneva, Packrafting Training Hunsrück in Spring 2017

Berit prepared herself by participating in the Hunsrück Training for the Expedition Sylan and wrote her feedback after her first four days in a packraft.

"By flipping through the pictures, I again have the chilled Hunsrück-Feeling. Thanks again for this amazing Hunsrück trip. We really had some nice relaxing days with the great team (…) Organization and preparation were over the top and we had a feeling about how intense you care for each participant."

Janine aus dem Bergischen Land, Packrafting Erlebnistag Nahe im Frühjahr 2017

Janine hat sich mit uns das erste Mal auf das Abenteuer Wassersport eingelassen und uns nach ihrem Nahe-Kurs diese begeisterte Rückmeldung per E-Mail geschickt:

"Der Tag mit Euch war echt spitze, ich hab mich so wohl bei Euch gefühlt. Die von Dir gewählte Location ist absolut bezaubernd. War garantiert nicht mein letzter Besuch auf diesem Camping Platz. Aber auch unsere Gruppe war, so unterschiedlich die Teilnehmer auch waren, wirklich suuuuuper. Grüß Susanne bitte auch nochmal ganz herzlich von mir. Alles, alles gute für Dich, Deine Familie und Deine Firma, auf dass Du noch viele Menschen mit Deiner Arbeit so glücklich machst wie mich :-)"

Moni from the Lower Rhine, Participant of our White Water Packrafting Training 2016

Moni discovered us about three weeks before going on vacation. After her first packrafting trip and training, she wrote the following review on our facebook page:

"Thank you to you Sebastian and Andi! My expectations where high… but you exceeded them all! The combination of action, fun, nature, nonsense, adventure, and the total relaxing atmosphere, were just great. Thanks for showing us so many unbelievable and stunning places. I will miss this crazy troop. Can’t wait to next years trip! See you!"

Thomas from Vienna, participant of the Iceland Expedition in 2017

Thomas is searching together with Land Water Adventures since 2014 his own personal adventures:

"Two years after my trip to the Sylan Mountains I again was one week on tour with LWA – an individual trip in the southern part of Iceland. I don’t want to deal with the description of this country, to be any way near in describing these unforgettable and fascinating impressions you must be a writer or poet. I am neither, just a 60 year old, reasonably fit, townsman who learned to trust in Sebastian from LWA: If Sebastian offers me a hiking/rafting trip to the Icelandic highlands, he will be sure that I can make it, and that is all I need to know. This trust paid off. I experienced the capability of a man, having an experienced guide, precise preparation and a bit of flexibility on-site. In every single way a challenging but fulfilling week, in which I partly was happy doing nothing but following Sebastian’s wide back. In the last two years LWA became an even more professional provider of adventure trips. I highly recommend anyone to take the chance and explore your own limits."

A Participant of our piloting Tyrol trip 2017

After three days of sun, rain and a lot of white water in Tyrol, we received this feedback via email:

"Everything was just perfect – even things that didn’t run smoothly, if looking from the distance. The rain gathered us under the LWA pavilion and brought us, after a short trip to the riverside kiosk and the old lady, all together at the extremely cozy black master of the sky’s, with culinary delicacies, top service and table neighbors, who even filmed us on the water – how much better can it get?! He brought us water to the rivers on which we could extensively dive into the waves. And the right conditions to ride on the upper Isar. We experienced that summer is not always the same and ravioli can be a culinary delight for breakfast. Sebastian and Susanne not only taught us a lot und rescued some of us out of the waves after going overboard – ok one sandal drowned – no, Sebastian gave us the priceless guarantee of stage fright combined with detailed information (I am talking about an 1,5m dive into a rock gorge!!!) and Susanne provided us with incredible pictures and by the way showed us how white water paddling can look, well, maybe some day. You saw the relief and pride, of successfully meeting challenges and not flipping over, in the eyes of every one grinning proudly after mastering torrents. Above all, we talked, listened, did nonsense and laughed even more. I am now richer of memories and got to know wonderful people. Thank you very much!"

Victoria from Berlin, participant Packrafting Hunsrück 2014

Victoria was traveling with us in a packraft for the first time ever on an autonomous multi-day tour. After the tour she wrote the following review on Facebook.

"During these four days I have surpassed myself and in my mind I am still trying to arrange all these little adventure puzzle pieces.

Again a huge ‘Thank You’ to the guides [...] – I felt safe at all times and the tour has benefited immensely from your charm and serenity that you radiate. [...] I recommend this trip to anyone, having a pulse for the nature and action. Cheers, Victoria"