Portrait about the founder aired in “SWR Persönlich” in October 2017

The German TV Channel “SWR” followed Sebastian to Kaiserslautern and to the autumnally Nahe Valley to search for historical paths to find out more about the foundation and origin of Land Water Adventures.

LWA bei SWR Persönlich

Online Magazine “Zeit Online” in September 2017

This online magazine is reporting on the foundation of Land Water Adventures and conducts an interview with the founder Sebastian.

Video-Report of the TV Channel SWR (Landesschau) in August 2017

On unusual sparkling waves for August, we brought weather reporter Markus Bundt, along on a packraft, to one of the most beautiful parts of the Nahe.

LWA bei der SWR Landesschau

KANU-Magazine in December 2016

The KANU-Magazine writes in entertaining and crispy words about the Koritnica-Run 2016./>

“Kajak-Magazin” in October 2016

Here are two excerpts:

“The sun is about to go down as the six exhausted packrafters arrive at the remote Schmidtburg close to Kirn. [...] In the middle of the ruins of a once stately fortress, they set up camp in the twilight.
The first day of the spring tour through the wild Hunsrück is coming to an end…”

“Together, they fought their way through the “jungle”, slept in the ruins of a castle with the sound of falling raindrops, sweat on a part of the Soonwaldsteig and finally surfed on the high water waves of the Nahe. Sebastian’s self-conception of leading the tour, but also leaving everyone’s freedom, is well received….”

You can read the complete article in the Kajak Magazine 06/2017.

OPlease find the online version here.


Report of the SWR in September 2016

In late summer, the German TV channel SWR with its series “Fahr mal hin” (“Go for a Ride”) was with us in a packraft on the Nahe.

lwa 20161223 200739 SWR Fahr mal hin3 600px

Outdoor Magazine in April 2016

Excerpt of the report:

“…but as the clouds dispersed in the evening, the sun floods on the Rappadalen and gave us a panoramic view to the mountain top. We finally understood why this National Park is so famous. Steep mountains with inaccessible valleys, and in-between the river Rappaädnö winds itself through a green delta.”

“On day 20 of our tour, the thought flaring up for the first time, that we might not make it."

“ We are paddling between the skerries, an archipelago made up of a number of islands, blocking our view to the horizon. Slowly we recognize. Did we…”

You can read the complete 5 page long article in the Outdoor Magazine 04/2016.

Outdoor Magazin Logo

SWR1 – Radio Interview in the Hunsrück in April 2016

SWR1 Radio visited us on the shore of the Nahe, on preparation day of one of our Hunsrück trips in spring 2016.

lwa 20161223 201040 SWR1 Radio 600px

Newspaper “Rheinpfalz” in October 2015

The “Rheinpfalz” writes a profile about the history and idea of Land Water Adventures.

2015 10 Rheinpfalz Cover web

Newspaper “Kirner Zeitung” in April 2015

KANU Magazine edition 01/2015

The Kajak teacher Andreas Schultz writes in the KANU Magazine about his escapade on a packraft in Soca! Since then, the trip is in our regular tour schedule.

2015 01 KM Soca Seite 1

“Die Wildnis” (the wilderness) edition 02/2014