White Water Packrafting Trainings Tyrol/Austria with Safety Training (open and advanced)

Packrafting through the alpine valleys of Tyrol/Austria

Tirol offers sporty white waters in an alpine backdrop. Dive into the mainly heavy waves of the Lech already in the open training and be taken away by the crystal clear glacial streams of the upper Isar into, an untouched wild river landscape in our advanced training.

An intensive day of whitewater safety training together with wwo combined white water and trekking days with light day packs, will make it possible to get to know various aspects and difficulties of whitewater paddling and train whitewater techniqe. In our advanced training even on two very different rivers.

Our alpine early summer highlight in Tirol is dedicated to physically fit people with a desire for challenge and adventure. The advanced trainings require paddlers and packrafters in good health and fitness and with sufficient white water paddling experience.

During all our white water trips you can individually deepen your knowledge of safely negotiation in easy to heavy white water.

The trainings in Tyrol are also suitable for preparation for expedition style trips that include whitewater sections such as our Iceland expeditions.

Within the streams and on gravel banks, we will teach you different security technologies of white water packrafting, and certain packrafting techniques. With our two guides we have the possibility to handle the different knowledge stages within the group.

Of course you can rent the complete packrafting equipment as well as the white water security gear from us. Additionally you can also take the chance and try out different equipment of our fleet.

We will spend the evenings together at our base camp, surrounded by the Karwedel Mountains. While we let the white water day pass, we have an easy time sitting together, talking and exchanging impressions.

Get an impression of these trainings from our Blog story Tyrol.

Come with us to sporty white water days within the Alps! We are packrafting enthusiasts and are living for packrafting, the whole season through, from Slovenia to Iceland. We take this passion to every trip and training we do.

Dates 2019

Booking state June 10-12, 2019 (Open training date): Reservation
Booking state June 14-16, 2019 (Advanced training, More Info): Reservation
June 10-16, 2019 (Both trainings in combination): Reservation
You may join both trainings consecutively with one day break inbetween.

Impressions from the trainings

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Schedule and area


The arrival to the location is until 12 noon on the first training day. On that afternoon, we start with safety training the part of the Lech, close to our campsite. The open training then continues on various parts of the Lech with increasing difficulty and focus on skill training. The advanced training will carry out an extended Packrafting day on the Lech on the second training day and, if the conditions are suitable, paddle on the more challenging upper part of the Isar on the third training day. In the evenings we, of course, have the possibility sitting together, tasting the local delicacies and exchange experiences with expert packrafters.

The trip ends on the afternoon of the third training day, for the open training in Häselgehr and for the advanced training usually in Scharnitz at the exit of the upper Isar part.

Landscape and trip description: The valleys of Tirol

The alpine valleys of Tirol are during summer and winter wonderful nature sites. The Lech extends on many kilometers through an alpine landscape without barrages or trapping points, and invites us to paddle.

The valley of the Isar within the Karwedel Mountains, is more narrow and a beautiful pearl in Tirol, when it comes to challenging rivers, flowing through changing nature scenes like forests and rocky gorges.

The valley of the Lech and the Karwedel Mountains offer not only white water activities, you can also choose between different adventures and combine this trip with a vacation in Tirol.


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